Contact Lenses

Discover the freedom that only contact lenses provide

Contact lenses give you the freedom and confidence to see the world clearly. You no longer need to worry about how you look in glasses or be concerned about damaging your glasses whilst playing sports.

Moss & Leakey will always keep up to date with the latest changes in lens design. As an independent practice, we are not limited to certain brands of contact lenses and can offer you an unbiased opinion on which lenses are most suitable for your individual needs.

Contact Lenses being applied
Someone reading something after fitting their new contact lenses

Freedom to choose

Many of our customers who wear spectacles like the freedom to choose between the glasses. If you are interested in trying contact lenses, contact us to book an appointment.

We work with a number of contact lens manufacturers all of which supply one day disposable lenses, monthly or two weekly lenses. We provide a contact lens teach and fit consultation which involves a one-to-one session with one of our trained optical assistants on how to insert and remove your lenses. If the initial consultation is successful, free trial lenses can then be ordered, along with a follow-up appointment with our optician or ophthalmologist to finalise the fit, comfort and vision.